Humble Beginnings

Roll Call Hits the Stands With a ‘Cancan-Do’ Attitude

Posted January 8, 2003 at 2:41pm

Everything has to start somewhere. For Roll Call, the start came on June 16, 1955, with a photo of the Congressional Secretaries Club in a cancan pose. Not exactly the stuff of Pulitzers. Let’s just say we’ve come a long way. Now, with the addition of a third issue a week, we are introducing a new feature we hope will add some lightheartedness to the pages of Roll Call. Afterthoughts will appear on this page every Thursday, the perfect way to kick off your weekend. For the record, that first issue of Roll Call also included a front-page congratulatory letter from then-Vice President Richard Nixon. “There is a place for your publication,” Nixon wrote. “The ‘Hill’ is a community of its own and is entitled to coverage more personal than can be expected in the Washington or any other press.” So we’ll be expecting a letter from Vice President Cheney about our Wednesday edition any day now.