CBC Cancels Meeting With Jackson

Posted March 26, 2004 at 2:24pm

The Congressional Black Caucus, citing a full agenda at Wednesday’s meeting, has canceled a scheduled visit from pop icon Michael Jackson.

Roll Call reported Thursday that Jackson planned to attend the CBC’s regular weekly meeting to discuss world affairs and his humanitarian efforts abroad, including Africa. The 38-member Caucus announced the visit is off today.

Jackson, under indictment on child molestation charges, originally requested the meeting with the CBC. The move sparked controversy among caucus members and the full Democratic Caucus given the musician’s legal troubles, with many worrying it would be politically unwise to affiliate with him at this time.

While some CBC members said they welcomed the chance to meet with Jackson and praised him for his support of the caucus, others said privately they didn’t plan to attend the meeting.

Legal issues aside, CBC officials said they had to opt out of the Jackson meeting because their Wednesday agenda is full, and cannot accommodate the star. Jackson, however, will be setting up separate meetings with House and Senate Democratic and Republican Members, they said.

“We understand his representatives are seeking to put together a meeting with Members of Congress — Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate — and our Members who wish to attend will do so,” said a CBC source.