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Parke in Gear to Seek Rematch With Sanders in Vermont

Fresh off his sound drubbing by Rep. Bernie Sanders (I), retired Air Force pilot Greg Parke (R) is begging supporters to dig into their wallets again as he looks ahead to a rematch in 2006.

“I’m going to need your help of at least $100 again,” he wrote in an e-mail. “You see, although my liberal Democrat opponent Bernie Sanders received more votes than I did, I am convinced that I can and will prevail in 2006,” Parke said, ignoring that Sanders, a self-described Socialist, is an Independent.

Sanders, who just won an eighth term, does caucus with Democrats in the House, however.

Sanders, in his 68 percent to 24 percent win over Parke, prevailed by almost 130,000 votes to be exact.

That did not seem to dampen Parke’s enthusiasm.

“Before I can begin this aggressive new campaign, however, I need to ask a huge favor; I need to know if you will help me retire my previous campaign’s debt,” Parke wrote.

Parke tells his supporters that if he can retire his $40,000 2004 debt, that national Republicans, such as the National Republican Congressional Committee, would look more seriously at his 2006 run.

“I am certain that these committees will help me out with whatever funds I need to bring down Bernie Sanders!” he exclaimed.

Of course, if Sen. Jim Jeffords (I) decides to retire after all, Parke will not be facing Sanders in 2006 as the Green Mountain State’s lone Congressman has committed to seeking Jeffords’ seat should the three-term Senator decline to seek re-election.

— Nicole Duran

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