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Hurricane Delays Thrift Saving Plan Information

House Chief Administrative Officer Jay Eagen released a “Dear Colleague” letter this morning informing Members and House employees that, due to the impact from Hurricane Katrina, the display of Thrift Savings Plan contribution information will be delayed this week.

The savings plan amounts should be displayed in accounts no later than Thursday, and the delay should not impact the date that funds are deposited and posted in accounts, Eagen said.

The delay was caused by the need for the New Orleans-based National Finance Center, which processes TSP contributions for the House, to move operations out of the city, which was ordered to evacuate in the wake of the hurricane.

And though Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco (D) said it may take months before New Orleans can be reoccupied, Eagen assured Hill employees that the TSP delay “is expected to be a ‘one-time’ event and processing should occur as normally scheduled in following months.”

Eagen encouraged employees to contact the CAO employee services department if they have concerns or questions regarding their pay or benefits.

— John McArdle