Anacostia Group Sets Strict Environmental Standards

Posted February 14, 2007 at 4:45pm

The Anacostia Waterfront Corp. announced Tuesday that its development projects will have to adhere to strict environmental standards, including some that will help limit runoff into the already polluted Anacostia River.

The standards are split into four categories: integrated environmental design, green building, stormwater control and site planning and preservation. The stormwater control standard requires that all projects developed on AWC land or land financed by the AWC retain and reuse a certain amount of rainwater to avoid overflow.

The AWC Environmental Standards Development Committee, which was formed in May, drafted the standards, but the AWC will not implement them before a period of public input and an analysis into its cost and feasibility.

The standards range from requiring individual projects to abide by strict regulations to preserving or creating woodland around the Anacostia River. The draft of the plan is available at the AWC’s Web site,, and comments can be sent to The AWC board of directors will review the standards and take public comment at a meeting on Feb. 28.

— Emily Yehle