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Franken Itemizes Costs in Fundraising Letter

Al Franken (D), who used to solicit donations from the Saturday Night Live news desk, is now itemizing for donors what their contributions for his Senate campaign will be used for.

In a recent solicitation, Franken told supporters that $25 covers a month’s phone bill for one phone, $50 buys pizzas for a shift of volunteers, and $1,000 covers the purchase of a computer, plus software.

The maximum donation allowed by law per election, $2,300, pays the month’s rent (“Or, I suppose, buys us a whole lot of phones and pizza,” The Associated Press quoted Franken as writing).

Franken and wealthy attorney Mike Ciresi are the first two Democrats to formalize their plans to challenge Sen. Norm Coleman (R) in 2008, although others could get into the race.
— Nicole Duran

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