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AWC Environmental Standards Earn Awards

The Anacostia Waterfront Corp. won two awards last week from the American Society of Civil Engineers National Capital Section and GreenHOME for its efforts to implement strict environmental standards for developers.

The quasi-public development agency has been widely praised by residents and community groups in Washington, D.C., for its proposed standards, which include the stipulation that buildings must retain and beneficially reuse a certain amount of the storm water that otherwise would flow into the already polluted Anacostia River. Because the AWC oversees new development along the river, officials have said the organization will be able to work with developers during the construction process to ensure that all requirements are met.

Both the ASCE-NCS and GreenHOME gave AWC their 2007 Sustainability Awards.

“AWC’s environmental standards are unprecedented in our region. They are not only significant in scope, going beyond green building programs, but unique in envisioning the restoration of the Anacostia River and its watershed while promoting the sustainable development of new infrastructure, public spaces, waterways, and stormwater systems,” ASCE-NCS Sustainability Chairman Fernando Pons said in a press release.

— Emily Yehle

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