Here Comes the Judge, Challenging LaTourette

Posted April 24, 2007 at 10:24am

Appeals Court Judge William O’Neill (D) said earlier this week that he wants to replace Rep. Steven LaTourette (R).

“I’m running because I’m impatient with waiting for Congress to change the course America is on,” the Vietnam War veteran told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

O’Neill lost a bid for a seat on the state Supreme Court last year but won 1.3 million votes without raising a dime.

National Democrats thought LaTourette, who just won a seventh term, was vulnerable in 2004 when he had to admit an affair with a former staffer-turned-lobbyist. LaTourette’s wife even endorsed his challenger, Capri Cafaro (D), who recently was appointed to the Ohio Senate.

O’Neill plans to step down from the bench July 7 to pursue his campaign for the 14th district seat full time, the paper reported. He will not raise money until then.

— Nicole Duran