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Ex-Capitol Cop Caught Violating Benefits Plan

In a recently released report to Congress, the Department of Labor’s inspector general cited a case involving a former Capitol Police officer as an example of the agency’s recent achievements in protecting the government against worker compensation fraud.

Earlier this year, former Officer David Robb was sentenced to two years’ probation and ordered to pay $53,277 in restitution after pleading guilty to theft of government funds for defrauding the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act program.

Robb injured his left knee in 1997 when his police motorcycle fell on top of him. According to the IG report and case documents, shortly after Robb began receiving benefits from the government under the FECA program, he began working full time at a trucking company in Maryland. During that time, he earned a total of $86,425, of which only $13,000 was reported to the government.

Robb moved to Delaware in 2004 and the case was filed by the U.S. attorney’s office in February 2006.

The Labor Department has the sole authority to determine if a claimant is entitled to benefits provided by FECA, and under the program recipients are required to immediately report, among other things, any return to work and wages earned. That information could affect the amount of money a recipient is eligible for under the program.

According to documents released by U.S. District Court for Delaware, where the case was held, “all payments to disabled U.S. Capitol Police employees were financed by funds of the U.S. Capitol Police.”

Sentencing hearings in the case took place in February.

— John McArdle