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Crime Draws Crowd to PSA Meeting

It’s not unusual for foul play to increase as the temperature gets warmer. But the recent crime spurt in Police Service Area 102, which covers part of Northeast Capitol Hill, led to Tuesday night’s monthly meeting being the most highly attended since Volunteer Citizen Coordinator David Klavitter has been going.

Lt. Barbara Hawkins and a number of the 58 officers she supervises who patrol PSA 102 met with residents at the Sherwood Recreation Center.

Total crimes jumped from 73 to 101 between April and May in the PSA, which is roughly bounded by Second, Ninth and East Capitol streets and Florida Avenue Northeast.

Most strikingly, robberies jumped from three to 15 and burglaries went from 15 to 28, according to police statistics.

Hawkins said the increase in crime was not unexpected considering the warmer weather and said she had a plan to go in effect on Sunday to address the situation.

She added that a pilot program in the First District beginning July 18 will have patrol officers working four 10-hour shifts per week and should have more officers on the streets during peak crime hours.

Klavitter and other residents gathered Monday and Wednesday night at the New York Avenue and Union Station Metro stations, respectively, to distribute flyers about preventing crime and the activities of PSA 102 citizens.

Of the 28 burglaries in May, 22 took place north of E Street; 15 of the 19 violent crimes were in the same area.

Hawkins said she would increase patrols at problem areas including L Street between Fourth and Sixth streets and the 1200 block of Linden Place.

— Daniel Heim

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