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Graham Seat Gets Plenty of Attention From GOP

Add Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer to the list of Republicans who are considering taking on Sen. Lindsey Graham in a GOP primary next year.

A political consultant for Bauer told Palmetto State newspapers over the weekend that Bauer, 38, is being encouraged by some fellow Republicans to challenge Graham, who has angered conservatives for his positions on immigration and judicial nominations, among other issues.

Former Rep. Thomas Hartnett (R) recently told The Associated Press that he is contemplating a primary challenge, and state Rep. Jeff Duncan also is thinking about running.

“I’m keeping the track shoes unlaced so I can slip my feet into them quick if I need to,” Hartnett told the AP.

Hartnett spent six years in Congress and then lost bids for lieutenant governor and Senate.

Already two lesser-known Republicans say they are running against Graham in next year’s primary: computer specialist Tim Carnes and Air Force veteran John Cina.

Graham should be ready for whatever comes, with more than $4 million in his campaign account through June 30.
— Josh Kurtz

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