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Stymied Mayor Helps Lautenberg Re-election

This was the year Michael Wildes (D) expected to be running for the House.

The Englewood mayor had it all figured out. In 2008, he reasoned, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D), who by then would be 84, would be ready to retire. And Rep. Steven Rothman (D) would be one of the many Democrats seeking to replace him, leaving his House seat open for Wildes to pursue.

But it didn’t turn out the way Wildes had planned.

Lautenberg is asking voters for another six years, despite the fact that he’ll be 90 when his term ends. And Rothman as a consequence is staying put.

So Wildes, loyal party man that he is, will host a fundraiser for Lautenberg’s re-election in Englewood on Sept. 30. The Sunday brunch costs a minimum of $250 to attend.

— Josh Kurtz

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