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Report: Fossella’s Foe Helped Him in ’04 Race

Republicans have accused New York City Councilman Domenic Recchia (D), who is poised to enter the race against Rep. Vito Fossella (R), of serving as a mole to Republicans during Fossella’s 2004 re-election race.

Quoting several sources who did not want to be named along with a former council colleague of Recchia’s, now-state Sen. Andrew Lanza (R), the Staten Island Advance reported this week that Recchia leaked information about Fossella’s challenger to the Congressman and his supporters.

“Domenic was always saying, ‘Vito’s gotta do this, Vito’s gotta do that,’” Lanza told the Advance. “He would tell me, ‘I like Vito. Vito’s a great guy.’”

But Recchia responded that he did not recall any such conversations with Lanza and said Republicans are spreading false information about him because they fear he can end Fossella’s decade-long Congressional career.

“Domenic Recchia could beat Vito Fossella,” he said. “They’re extremely nervous about that.”

— Josh Kurtz

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