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Final New Hampshire Polls

Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton across the final round of New Hampshire polls. Most polls show John McCain ahead of Mitt Romney, although one shows Romney ahead and another has McCain and Romney in a statistical tie. Note of caution: in’s survey of polling professionals, the reliability rankings of these polls varied widely.

– **Rasmussen Reports:** In the Democratic race, Obama is leading Clinton 37 percent to 30 percent with john Edwards at 19 percent. Margin of error is 3 percent. On the GOP side, McCain is at 32 percent, Romney at 31 percent, Mike Huckabee at 10 percent, Rudy Giuliani closebehind and Ron Paul at 8 percent. Fred Thompson earns 3 percent. Margin of error is 2 percent.

**Reuters/C_SPAN/Zogby**: Obama leads Clinton 42 percent to 29 percent, with Edwards at 17 percent. McCain leads Romney 36 percent to 27 percent with huckabee and Giuliani at 10 percent and Paul at 9 percent. Margin of error is 3.4 percent.

**American Research Group**: Obama leads Clinton 40 percent to 31 percent with Edwards at 20 percent. McCain leads Romney 34 percent to 27 percent, with Huckabee at 14 percent, Giuliani at 13 percent and Paul at 9 percent. Margin of error is 4 percent.

**7News/Suffolk University**: Obama has 39 percent, Clinton 34 percent and Edwards 15 percent. in this poll, Romney leads McCain 30 percent to 26 percent, with Huckabee at 13 percent and Giuliani at 11 percent. Margin of error is 4.38 percent.

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