Whether It’s McCain-Clinton Or McCain-Obama, The Race is Close

Posted March 17, 2008 at 3:41pm

A USA Today/Gallup poll shows John McCain in a close race with either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. In a survey conducted March 14-16, Clinton leads 51 percent to 46 percent while Obama leads 49 percent to 47 percent. The margin of error is 4 percent.

As has been the case previously, Gallup’s daily tracking poll showed different numbers for the same survey dates, although the bottom line is basically the same. McCain leads Obama 46 percent to 44 percent and is tied with Clinton at 46 percent each. Margin of error is 2 percent.

In the Democratic nomination contest, Clinton has inched ahead of Obama 47 percent to 45 percent after being 3 points behind in the last tracking poll, but the difference is not significant given the 3 point margin of error.