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Voters Doubt McCain On Issues And Obama On Experience

While John McCain has been running even with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in general election match-ups, a CNN/Opinion Research poll conducted March 14-16 suggest some underlying voter beliefs that could spell trouble for him.

Over 50 percent of voters said that Obama and Clinton agree with them on the issues they believe most important compared to 39 percent for McCain. Asked which candidate cares about people like them, 67 percent chose Obama, 55 percent answered Clinton and 51 percent named McCain. A USA Today/Gallup poll released earlier today asked a number of the same questions, including the “care about you” one and came up with a roughly similar result: Obama on top with 66 percent, and Clinton and McCain tied at 54 percent.

On the other side, about 60 percent of Americans said Obama did not have the right experience to be president, compared to 38 percent for Clinton and 31 percent for McCain.

Asked who they would be proud to have as President, 62 percent of voters answered Obama, 57 percent said Clinton and 50 percent said McCain. Gallup had a different result: Obama 57 percent, McCain 55 percent and Clinton 47 percent. On the question of who best would work with both parties to get things done in Washington. 65 percent chose Obama, 56 percent said McCain and 52 percent answered Clinton. That was the same pecking order in the Gallup poll, but different figures: Obama and McCain matched up evenly, and Clinton was way behind.

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