Most Dems Don’t Want Obama To Pick Clinton As Running Mate

Posted April 1, 2008 at 2:40pm

If Barack Obama gets the Democratic nomination, only 42 percent of Democrats want Hillary Clinton to be his running mate, according to a Gallup poll conducted March 24-27. However, if Clinton gets the nomination, 58 percent of Democrats would want her to choose Obama.

Meanwhile, Gallup’s daily tracking poll is showing the gap between Obama and Clinton narrowing again. Obama had pulled out in the lead by 10 points just a few days ago, but that has been slowly declining since then and is now a 49 percent to 45 percent lead. The survey was conducted March 29-31 and has a 3 point margin of error. Jeff Jones of Gallup gives a behind-the-scenes look of the workings of the tracking poll on after the site suggested that some of the patterns in the poll reflected a “day of the week effect.”