Connecticut: President to Raise Money for Murphy’s Opponent

Posted April 22, 2008 at 6:49pm

President Bush is fundraising later this week for state Sen. David Cappiello (R), national Republicans’ chosen candidate to take on freshman Rep. Christopher Murphy (D) this cycle. According to local reports, Bush is scheduled to attend the Friday fundraiser for Cappiello at the home of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

When asked for confirmation, a spokesman for the Cappiello campaign directed all questions to the White House. A public schedule for the president released by the White House said he would be in Connecticut this Friday, but did not specify his exact whereabouts in the state.

According to local newspapers, the reception costs $1,000 per person to attend, and a photo with Bush costs $10,000 per picture.

Cappiello faces a Republican primary with former state Rep. Tony Nania on Aug. 12, though Nutmeg Republican insiders foresee a Cappiello versus Murphy match-up this fall.

Murphy won his first term in Congress in 2006 when he upset longtime Republican Rep. Nancy Johnson, a moderate, in the northwestern Connecticut district. The race was targeted by Democrats and Republicans, but Murphy’s 10-point winning margin was unexpected.

— Shira Toeplitz