California: Brown Emphasizes His Military Service in TV Ad

Posted April 30, 2008 at 6:41pm

While the battle for the GOP nomination in the 4th district between former Rep. Doug Ose and state Sen. Tom McClintock grows increasingly heated, presumptive Democratic nominee Charlie Brown continues campaigning apace.

Today, Brown is scheduled to campaign with former Sen. Max Cleland (D-Ga.) in Sacramento at a town hall meeting focused on issues pertaining to veterans, the military and national security. At the event, Brown is planning to unveil his first television ad of the campaign, a spot that will highlight his service in the Air Force.

“The ad highlights the stark contrast in this race between two career politicians fighting each other in a bitter partisan primary, and a battle tested leader who walks the talk in fighting for America’s security, America’s warriors, and solutions for American families,” Iraq War veteran and Veterans for Brown co-Chairman Cody Conway said in a statement.

Brown was the 4th district nominee in 2006, and came within 3 points of ousting Rep. John Doolittle (R), who is retiring this year. But the 4th district is solid Republican territory, and Brown is likely to have a much tougher task this year against the Republican who emerges from the June 3 primary.

— David M. Drucker