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Kucinich Continues Impeachment Quest

Keeping true to his pledge last month to revisit the issue, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Thursday night will bring forward a resolution aimed at impeaching President Bush “for taking our nation and our troops to war based on lies.” In a letter sent Tuesday to all Members, the fervently anti-war Democrat said to expect a privileged resolution on the floor with a single impeachment article and urged his colleagues to co-sponsor the measure. “It is worse than heartbreaking that George W. Bush, as Commander in Chief, caused this country to go to war based on information which was false, and which he knew to be false,” the letter states. “Given the profound and irreversible consequences to our troops, if his decision was the result of a mistake, he must be impeached.” Last month, Kucinich brought forward a resolution with 35 articles of impeachment against Bush, including war crimes charges. That measure has since languished in the House Judiciary Committee. This time around, the Ohio Democrat said he is narrowing his focus to the one article with “voluminous documentation” and “incontrovertible facts.” That is, he said, the fact that Bush led an invasion into Iraq when it “had nothing to do with 9/11 or with Al Qaeda’s role in 9/11,” and when Iraq had “neither the intention nor the capability” of attacking the United States. Kucinich said he will object if Democratic leaders seek to refer the resolution to committee without a vote. Instead, he will push for a vote to advance the measure. In this scenario, Members may opt to table the resolution, in which case it would be shelved. Despite attracting only about 10 sponsors the last time he brought up an impeachment resolution, Kucinich expressed hope that the latest measure would draw more supporters given its focus on one article. “Let’s say some Members feel there is not enough time to do 35,” he said. “We have time to do one. This is the one.” Asked if he has talked about his resolution with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who does not support impeaching the president, Kucinich said, “She’s made her position clear. So have I.”

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