Republicans Take to Radio

Posted July 24, 2008 at 6:02pm

In an effort to take their message on high gasoline prices straight to the voters, Senate Republicans took to the radio airwaves on Thursday. Several GOP lawmakers locked themselves away in a quiet basement room in the Capitol on Thursday to explain their intention to reduce prices at the pump to local and regional radio stations. Lawmakers were able to come in and out of the room as they pleased as the initiative was an all-day event. Though negotiations on an energy bill have come to a halt, a GOP aide said that many Republicans found it far more productive to “get past the Beltway views” and not have to discuss process, but instead to take their case directly to voters. “They understand that this issue is a big deal. Republicans thought it was very important to get beyond the Beltway and talk about their message all across the country,” the GOP aide said.