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Colorado: Club for Growth Raps Udall, Who Hits Back

The Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group backing GOP Senate nominee Bob Schaffer, is hitting Rep. Mark Udall in a new television spot that criticizes the Democratic Senate nominee for what it claims is his position on property rights.

The 30-second ad, technically run by, is scheduled to run on broadcast television in Denver for two weeks, at a cost of $400,000, the club revealed on Tuesday. Udall and Schaffer are battling to succeed Sen. Wayne Allard (R), who is retiring.

“Liberal Mark Udall votes to make it easier for government to take private property. Tell Mark Udall to stop expanding eminent domain abuse,” the ad’s voice-over says as the spot concludes.

The Udall campaign issued a forcefully worded and lengthy rebuttal to the charges the club levels against the Congressman in the ad, and even had a few choice words for the Club for Growth itself.

“The Club for Growth has an extensive record of egregious campaign ethics violations, including being hit with [a Federal Election Commission] complaint in January for illegal coordination with a Maryland Congressional campaign,” read a news released generated by the Udall campaign.