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New Mexico: Pearce Airing Three 15-Second TV Spots

Rep. Steve Pearce (R), looking for a come-from-behind victory over Rep. Tom Udall (D) in the race for New Mexico’s open Senate seat, released three new 15-second television spots on Tuesday.

The ads, running statewide on broadcast and cable, attempt to take Udall to task for his House voting record on taxes, energy and immigration. In each ad, Pearce looks directly into the camera and challenges Udall to tell voters where he stands on the issues.

“Raising taxes on middle-class families to pay for benefits for undocumented workers is just plain wrong,” Pearce says in the ad that addresses immigration. “How did you vote, Tom?”

The Udall campaign responded swiftly.

Udall campaign spokeswoman Marissa Padilla, tying the Democratic Senate nominee to two New Mexico Republicans — outgoing Sen. Pete Domenici and retiring Rep. Heather Wilson — noted that Pearce was the only member of the state’s Congressional delegation to vote against expanding government-funded health care for children in a House vote in the past year.

“These ads are just another attempt from the Pearce campaign to mislead New Mexicans about Tom Udall’s record of doing what’s right for New Mexico,” Padilla said. “New Mexicans have a clear choice — Tom Udall will do the right thing and stand up for our interests, not the special interests.”