New Hampshire: GOP Ad Uses Financial Crisis to Frighten Voters

Posted October 6, 2008 at 6:20pm

Capitalizing on voters’ financial fears, the National Republican Senatorial Committee put up an advertisement critical of former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D) economic record in office. Shaheen has maintained a small lead in recent weeks over Sen. John Sununu (R), who defeated her in the 2002 race.

“The darkest days of Jeanne Shaheen’s administration,” says an announcer in the ad. “The press says Jeanne Shaheen ‘sold out consumers in exchange for money.’ Shaheen rewrote the law so it disadvantaged consumers and favored Providian … a bank with deceptive lending practices. The bank gave 25,000 [dollars] to her campaign … millions to her pet causes. Now Shaheen wants you to put her in charge of your money. Can you take that risk?”

Though the NRSC would not comment on the total cost of the buy, the committee said it has increased its ad spending in the state this week.

The Granite State Senate rematch is one of the most closely watched — and expensive — of the cycle. Early polls gave Shaheen a double-digit lead, but Sununu has rebounded to a competitive position in recent public surveys.