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House Conservatives Urged to Go Negative Against Obama

The House Republican Study Committee sent its members a series of talking points this week to try to present a united front against Democratic policies and label the Obama administration as “disingenuous, unfocused, and reckless.—

According to an RSC memo called “Message of the Week,— the conservative group led by Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) will focus on contrasting the “radical— Democratic agenda and the uncertainty it is causing in the markets with the commitment of conservatives to restoring the economy to prosperity.

“Since they have been in control, we have learned they are void of ideas,— the memo said. “Their only solution is to continue spending money you haven’t made yet on programs you don’t want.—

The RSC has sent out tips to its membership about specific agenda items in the past, but this is the first time the conservative group has sent out talking points urging lawmakers to stick to a particular message.

The move is part of a broader plan to increase communication and outreach from the RSC across the rest of the Republican Conference.

“The administration is disingenuous, unfocused, and reckless,— the memo said. “The President’s message of personal responsibility and fiscal restraint has yet to make it from the teleprompter to his policy proposals.—

In addition to targeting the administration and Democratic solutions to the economic crisis, the memo encouraged RSC members to explain why conservative solutions such as lowering taxes, limiting bureaucracy and responsible regulatory structures are better options.

“Conservatives are fighting the Washington knows best’ mindset,— the memo said.

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