Health Care: The Mother of All Policy Debates

Posted March 19, 2009 at 2:38pm

There probably isn’t a more complex or contentious issue before Congress these days than health care reform. There are so many players, and so many moving parts, that it’s tough to break the full debate into neatly compartmentalized pieces.

So for this month’s edition on health care, Roll Call is deviating slightly from its usual policy briefing format. Instead of taking a topic and asking Members of Congress to weigh in on various aspects of it, Roll Call decided to ask an array of lawmakers — each one critical to the overall debate on health care reform — some general questions about the state of play as the issue begins to move through Congress.

We asked each of the Members the following: What does health care reform mean to you? What major health care issues will Congress attempt to address this year? What’s optimal? What’s achievable? What health care reform measures will you be working on personally?

We hope that the diversity of Members who have contributed to this policy briefing makes for lively — and informative — reading.

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