Dodd Campaign Hire Signals Start of Season

Posted March 26, 2009 at 10:18am

Sen. Christopher J. Dodd is getting professional political help — and none too soon.

Veteran Democratic campaign manager Jay Howser has signed on to run Dodd’s bid for a sixth term representing Connecticut.

The early hire of a sought-after campaign chief signals how seriously Dodd takes the threat of losing his seat after a series of mostly self-inflicted wounds.

Dodd’s soft spots include:

  • Moving his family to Iowa for an ill-fated presidential run
  • His inclusion in a Countrywide Financial mortage company VIP program
  • His own tortuous explanation of why his effort to crack down on executive compensation did not retroactively apply to bonuses awarded last year at companies, like AIG, that have received federal bailout money — the story adds up, but poor communication inflicted political damage.