Ensign Demands Details on Interrogation Briefings Given to Members

Posted April 23, 2009 at 5:31pm

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) called for the release of the complete list of classified briefings given to Members on the CIA detainee interrogation program.

The request to Director of National Intelligence Admiral Dennis Blair follows up on the release of a series of memos written in then-President George W. Bush’s Justice Department detailing harsh interrogation tactics, including waterboarding.

In a statement, Ensign noted the Justice Department’s account “states that it did not include all of the briefings given to Congress on the interrogation program.—

“I call on Admiral Blair to release a comprehensive catalog of briefings given to Members of Congress and to any of their staff on the CIA interrogation program,— said Ensign, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee.

Details of the CIA’s controversial program have trickled out throughout the week and prompted strong reactions from lawmakers on all sides of Capitol Hill.

On Tuesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee issued its newly declassified report on detainee abuse, while the Senate Intelligence Committee produced a document showing the timeline during which Congressional officials were briefed on the Bush-era program.

The Intelligence Committee is currently reviewing the Bush interrogation policies, with a report expected to come out later this year.