Bachmann, Democrats Ping-Pong the Rhetoric Over New DCCC Web Site

Posted April 27, 2009 at 5:00pm

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee triggered a war of words Monday with a certain outspoken Minnesota congresswoman after it launched a new Web site, Bachmann Watch.

The site purports to highlight the “extreme rhetoric and false claims” Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann “makes to bolster her outrageous statements.” And it hits Bachmann, a two-term incument and frequent Fox News guest, for her assertions on cap-and-trade energy legislation, her record on earmarks, and government spending.

Criticism of Bachmann, a pariah among liberals, is certain to energize the Democratic base. But it also may generate support for Bachmann herself. At least that’s what she’s hoping for, after sending out a fundraising e-mail to supporters less than an hour after the DCCC sent word of its site.