Colorado Rep. Polis Raising Money For Democratic Candidates

Posted May 28, 2009 at 10:20am

Colorado Democrat Jared Polis made a lot of money in online businesses prior to his election to the House in 2008. Now he’s hoping to raise a lot of it for his party.

The Jared Polis Victory Fund was recently organized with the Federal Election Committee as a joint fundraising committee that will divide receipts between Polis’ campaign committee and 35 other Democratic-affiliated campaign committees.

Polis’ fund will distribute money to 29 House Democrats, including two dozen who were first elected in 2008 in districts that they wrested from Republican control. One of them is Betsy Markey, whose 4th District in northern and eastern Colorado abuts Polis’ 2nd District in and around Boulder. Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who was appointed to his seat in January and is seeking a six-year term next year, also will receive funds from the Polis committee.