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State Sen. Tarryl Clark (D) has told a local news outlet that she plans to challenge Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) in 2010, setting up a three-way primary for Democrats. Clark, Physician Maureen Reed and 2008 nominee Elwyn Tinklenberg are running for the Democratic nomination to face off against Bachmann.

Tinklenberg came within striking distance of the Congresswoman last year, when her well-publicized comments on a cable news show sparked a media firestorm and generated an influx of cash for his campaign in the waning weeks of the race. But local and national Democrats have concerns about Tinklenberg because he lost the 2008 race despite those advantages.

What’s more, Reed raised significantly more than Tinklenberg in the second quarter of the year, pulling in $232,000 from April through June. Tinklenberg raised $55,000 in the same time period.

Bachmann raised more than both Democrats, taking in $285,000 in the same period.

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