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Bachmann, Dent, 13 Others Added to NRCC Patriot Program

Swing State Project has a nice breakdown of the 15 House Republicans added Thursday to the National Republican Campaign Committee’s Patriot Program.

CQ Photo

Michele Bachmann is one of several Republicans getting help from Washington (Getty Images/Alex Wong)

Modeled after the Democrats’ successful Frontline program to defend vulnerable incumbents, the NRCC started with 10 incumbents in its 2010 Patriot program, all but one of whom won election in 2008 despite running in districts Barack Obama took in the presidential race. As Swing State notes, “the opposite is true for this second round.”

Notable additions to the roster include Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann , who has several Democrats vying for her seat; Florida Rep. Bill Posey , who has made waves recently as a leader of the controversial “birther movement,” pushing legislation to require presidential candidates to prove their citizenship; and, Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent , whom Democrats continue to target and who this time around may face a viable challenge from Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan.  

CQ Politics rates all but three of these general election races as competitive in its House Race ratings, which will be rolled out Monday.