GOP Field Expands in Nevada Senate Race

Posted August 10, 2009 at 11:23am

The Republican party certainly isn’t having trouble attracting challengers to take on Democrat Harry Reid, just not the sort of savvy, seasoned politician best able to take down the Senate majority leader.

The latest to jump in is Danny Tarkanian, son of legendary college basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, who launched his bid Monday in Las Vegas. Tarkanian, himself a star basketball player at University of Nevada-Las Vegas, one-time basketball coach and currently a Las Vegas real estate developer, issued a statement to the local press on Aug. 7 announcing that “without reservation I am committing myself to this cause — to fight for what is right for Nevadans.”

“I have no illusions about what I’m up against, but I also know I am doing the right thing,” Tarkanian said.