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Club for Growth Ad Targets Senate GOP Negotiators on Health Reform

The conservative Club for Growth on Wednesday launched a new television ad campaign in Iowa, Maine and Wyoming as part of a broader effort to pressure a handful of Senate Republicans out of health care negotiations with Democrats.In a release, the group describes the ad as being “aimed at opposing Democratic big government health care proposals that are being considered— by GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Olympia Snowe (Maine) and Mike Enzi (Wyo.). All three are members of the Senate Finance Committee, where Grassley is also the ranking member.The ads, titled “Cave,— feature a narrator outlining a now familiar list of conservative complaints against Democratic-backed health care reforms while ominous music plays in the background. After warning that “liberals— plan to raise taxes and impose government control on health care decisions, the narrator tells viewers to urge their lawmakers “not to cave into liberals on health care.—Grassley, Enzi and Snowe are part of the “gang of six— negotiators who are attempting to cobble together a bipartisan reform package. The group is expected to hold a private video conference Thursday to resume discussions.“Sens. Grassley, Snowe, and Enzi are negotiating behind closed doors with liberal Democrats over the future of government-run healthcare. There’s no harm in talking, but it’s important for their constituents to know what’s being discussed … we believe it is vital that these three Republican Senators do not cave-in to the far left, as three Republican Senators did to provide the winning margin for President [Barack] Obama’s failed stimulus’ spending bill,— Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a statement.

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