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White House Official Says Support Is Steady for Obama Plan

A senior administration official on Wednesday denied that the raucous town hall meetings of August amounted to a setback for President Barack Obama’s health care initiative, asserting that the relevant data shows very little deterioration in public support for Obama’s health care reform agenda.The official, who along with another senior Obama aide briefed reporters at the White House on Obama’s Wednesday night speech to Congress, attributed what he acknowledged was a decline in support in June and July to a focus on specifics of the legislative process instead of the overall Obama plan, adding that the speech would be an attempt to correct this by presenting the “forest— instead of the “trees.—But it was unclear from the administration officials’ comments exactly how much will be new in the speech. One spoke of the speech as an effort to tie together existing “strands— into a coherent whole that represents Obama’s thinking. “There’s not a lot that should be a great surprise,— he said.Obama will be “clear about what he favors, what the parameters are,— this official said. The president will also seek to make it clear that he remains behind the public insurance option, but that the idea is “a means to an end and not an end in itself.—

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