Despite Sagging Polls, Reid Sees Happy Ending

Posted September 15, 2009 at 3:40pm

His poll numbers aren’t great and there’s a long line of Republicans eager to take him on.

How does Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid deal with that? By ignoring it, at least for now.

“Right now, I have a job to do for the people of the state of Nevada and the people of this country, and I’m doing my very best to move this agenda along,” Reid said Tuesday.

“Republicans have a primary that’ll be decided next June,” Reid, who is running for a fifth Senate term, said Tuesday. “At last count, there are 10 Republicans involved in that primary.”

“I think the people of Nevada know me very well. They know what I’ve done over the years, and we’ll deal with the Republicans when that’s necessary. Right now, that’s not necessary.”