Candidate Seeks Help Staying On Right Side of Federal Law

Posted September 16, 2009 at 9:11pm

Illinois state Rep. Elizabeth Coulson, a leading contender for Congress in next year’s Republican primary, is asking the Federal Election Commission if she can continue to fund some constituent service programs related to her state legislative duties, now that she is a candidate for federal office.

Lawyers for Coulson’s congressional campaign asked the FEC if Coulson can still use funds in her legislative office account or in her state legislative campaign committee to send a mailing to 12,000 constituents informing them of a “seniors fair” next month at which local businesses set up information booths to promote their services.

Coulson’s campaign also asked federal election officials if she can use office or state campaign funds to send an annual mailing next month to about 4,000 constituents to apprise them of what she and the Illinois legislature are doing on health care policy.