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Bill Clinton Predicts Right-Wing Criticism of Obama Will Backfire on GOP

The “vast, right-wing conspiracy— of the Clinton era is still alive and has targeted President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.— —It’s not as strong as it was, because America has changed demographically,— Clinton said. “But it’s as virulent as it was.— Clinton cautioned that the hot right-wing rhetoric could backfire on Republicans politically even if Obama’s polling numbers continue to drop as a result of their tactics. “Their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail, and that’s not a prescription for a good America,— he said. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton coined the term “vast, right-wing conspiracy— a decade ago in reference to then-President Clinton’s political opponents. Bill Clinton dismissed the notion that the public backlash over the health care reform debate could lead to a replay of the 1994 election, where Democrats lost the House and Senate in the wake of Clinton’s own attempt to reform health care. “[T]here’s no way they can make it that bad, for several reasons,— Clinton said. “Number one, the country is more diverse and more interested in positive action. … Number two, they’ve seen this movie before, because they had eight years under President [George W.] Bush when the Republicans finally had the whole government, and they know the results were bad.—Clinton also attributed the Congressional losses in 1994 to the gun lobby, which was angry with him for signing legislation that strengthened the nation’s hand gun control laws.

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