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Scozzafava Airs First Ad in N.Y. Special

New York Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava (R) on Friday became the last of three candidates to begin airing TV ads in the Nov. 3 special election to replace former Rep. John McHugh (R).Scozzafava’s 30-second ad, “Call Me Dede,— has a narrator ticking off her accomplishments while people on camera repeat her name. (View the adhere.) At the end of the ad, Scozzafava comes on camera and says, “Hey, just call me Dede,— and then says she approves the message “because we need someone who’ll fight the big spenders in Congress.—The ad seems designed to blunt criticism from the right that Scozzafava, an avowed moderate, is not a true Republican. That theme is driving the campaign of Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman, whose candidacy threatens to erase the GOP’s century-long hold on the upstate Congressional seat.An independent poll released earlier this week showed Scozzafava preferred by 35 percent of the voters, Democrat Bill Owens with 28 percent and Hoffman with 16 percent. The poll may have reflected Scozzafava’s superior name recognition as much as anything, and the race appears to be quite volatile.All of the candidates are now on the air, and several independent groups, as well as both national parties, are also advertising in the district. The Scozzafava campaign offered no details about the size or scope of its ad buy.As of Friday, the National Republican Congressional Committee had spent $153,000 on the race while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had spent $127,000. McHugh resigned in September to become secretary of the Army.

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