Obama Pays Tribute to the Fallen at Fort Hood

Posted November 10, 2009 at 2:33pm

President Barack Obama on Tuesday paid tribute to those who died during the attacks last Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, lamenting the deaths and saying something about each of those who were killed.

Though the investigation is continuing into why Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly committed the massacre, Obama pointed to the possibility that extremist Islamic views prompted the attacks.

“It may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy,— he said. “But this much we do know — no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor. And for what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice — in this world, and the next.—

The president offered deep praise for those who died, portraying them as selfless public servants who volunteered even as self-indulgence reigns around them.

“In an age of selfishness, they embody responsibility. In an era of division, they call upon us to come together,— he said. “In a time of cynicism, they remind us of who we are as Americans.—

Obama also sought to emphasize the need for diversity amid fear in some quarters that the crime could provoke an anti-Muslim backlash.

“We are a nation that is dedicated to the proposition that all men and women are created equal,— he said. “We live that truth within our military and see it in the varied backgrounds of those we lay to rest today.—