Jenny Sanford Endorses Husband’s Ally for Governor

Posted November 11, 2009 at 12:19pm

While most in South Carolina’s political world have distanced themselves from scandal-tarred Gov. Mark Sanford, Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley continues to talk up her Sanford ties.

On Wednesday, Haley’s campaign touted an endorsement from Jenny Sanford, the governor’s estranged wife, featuring it prominently on Haley’s Web site and sending around a release to reporters.

In her letter, Jenny Sanford writes that she is “proud of the work Mark and his Administration have done … to reduce out-of-control state spending, reform archaic state government structure, and give children more educational choices.” She makes no mention of his affair with an Argentinian woman, revealed in June, or the investigations into his use of state-funded travel, though she does allude, later in the letter, that it has been a “hard” year for her family.

Sanford continues that Haley is the best person to continue her husband’s work when he completes his second and final term next year. “When I’m asked my wish for South Carolina’s future, my wish is for a leader of state government like Nikki Haley. She’s principled, conservative, tough, and smart,” she writes.