Republicans Play the Spoiler for Reid’s Thanksgiving Plans

Posted November 24, 2009 at 3:15pm

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may be trying to keep a relatively low profile this week, planning a Thanksgiving dinner with his family and doing constituent work back in Nevada, but Republican political strategists appear unlikely to give Reid much rest.With Reid set to hold a press event on mortgage rates with Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and state officials Tuesday in Las Vegas, the National Republican Senatorial Committee accused the Democratic leader of turning a blind eye to the collapse of the housing market.“Photo-ops and press conferences talking about combating mortgage fraud today are nothing but a smokescreen aimed at disguising Harry Reid’s abysmal record of doing nothing to prevent the current housing situation in Nevada,— NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh said before the event, adding that “This is yet another critical area where Harry Reid put the special interests in Washington ahead of the interests of his constituents in Nevada, and it’s another reminder why next year’s election will be so important.—According to Reid aides, the Democratic leader — who has been at the forefront of Democrats’ efforts to draft a health care bill in the Senate — was hoping to have a relatively quiet week, planning to spend time with his family and to conduct normal home-state work, with Tuesday’s mortgage event as the only big “official— event of the week.But with the NRSC making Reid its top priority for next year’s election, it appears likely that the Democratic leader will find little rest over the next 12 months.Reid spokesman Jon Summers rejected Republicans’ complaints, arguing that Reid is working with federal officials to help Nevadans. “No one knows more than Sen. Reid about how Nevadans are struggling, which is why he works hard every day to keep Nevadans in their homes, create jobs and improve our economy,— Summers said.