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Reid Says Wife Is ‘Doing Just Fine’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday that his wife is recovering well at home after suffering serious injuries in a car accident last week.

Landra Reid, 69, suffered a broken back, neck and nose, along with other injuries when a tractor-trailer rear-ended the vehicle she and her daughter were riding in on Thursday on Interstate 95 in Virginia.

Reid said his wife’s broken neck was the doctors’ chief concern, which is why they performed surgery last week. Reid said doctors inserted a titanium plate and a cadaver bone in her neck. He noted that her neck injury was similar to those “where people become quadriplegics.”

Reid said the surgery appears to have been a success and that his children are tending to Landra Reid at home, but that she has no professional nursing care.

“So, she’s doing just fine. She’ll have to wear the neck brace for six weeks or a couple of months. [She’ll] have to have her nose reset and some other things, but she’s doing just fine,” Reid said.

Reid said the truck “crushed three rows of seats” and “crushed the first two seats” of the van his daughter and wife were riding in. He said his wife was thrown forward and her seat belt was broken by the impact of the “very violent collision.”

Reid’s daughter, Lana Reid-Barringer, suffered lacerations and a neck injury. Reid said she is still “shook up” by the incident.

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