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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Your Day in the Edwards Scandal

Rielle Hunter, the mistress who bore the love child of former Sen. John Edwards, appeared Thursday on “Oprah” — and because it’s a semi-political scandal, the fact-checking has already begun.

Andrew Young, the former aide to the North Carolina Democrat who helped cover up the scandal (and initially claimed paternity of Edwards’ baby), says Hunter lied to the big O (oh, no!). Young said on ABC this morning that Hunter’s claims that Young and his wife stole a sex tape that she made with Edwards from Hunter’s apartment were “Ba-lon-ey.”

And Young’s wife, Cheri, added that she thought their one-time houseguest had done a little renovating: “I think she’s had plastic surgery,” she snarked.

While the drama unfolds, Edwards is chilling. According to a local ABC affiliate, Edwards lives in a “rented house in Hillsborough and he likes spending time in the downtown area, where he goes to restaurants like Tupelo’s and the Wooden Nickel.”

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