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NRCC Hosting ‘Pink Slip’ Party for Foes of Grayson, Kosmas in Orlando

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions is headlining a rally in Orlando, Fla., Saturday targeting freshman Democratic Reps. Alan Grayson and Suzanne Kosmas.

Republican operatives will be passing out pink slips to symbolize their desire to vote the two Democrats out of office.

Both Grayson and Kosmas won Republican-held seats in 2008, and Sessions told the Orlando Sentinel that the GOP needs to take the central Florida seats back to stop the Democratic agenda.

The rally will take place at Orlando City Hall and will feature music, food and games. All of the Republicans who are competing to challenge Kosmas and Grayson in November have been invited. Also speaking will be Angie Langley, who launched the anti-Grayson website

Asked whether he agrees with that assessment of the controversial Grayson, Sessions stopped short of calling him crazy.

The Texas Republican told the Sentinel that Grayson is so far left he’s “well outside the mainstream.”

“Alan caters to them,” Sessions said. “He’s the darling of the left in this country. He doesn’t play well with others.”

Grayson quickly shot back, calling Sessions corrupt.

“He fits in well with the Republican culture of corruption here in Florida,” Grayson told the newspaper. “A year ago, he got a $1.6 million earmark for a blimp company. He should take all his hot air and go back to Texas.”

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