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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Getting Weiner’s Goat

Rep. Anthony Weiner is really milking this goat thing. After the New York Democrat was injured by a goat at a press conference that he and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) held to call for an end to mohair subsidies, his office issued an “injury report” on Thursday night.

Fortunately, the Congressman appears to have survived the run-in with the animal. His hand, which was bleeding after the goat’s horn nicked it, is apparently intact, although his dignity might be less so.

“Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg was bitten by a groundhog. Rep. Weiner was gored by a goat. This is more evidence that animal-themed press conferences are not for the faint of heart,” Weiner spokesman Ben Fishel said in the press release. “The Congressman gave a little blood to help end some of the red ink around the Mohair program. The Congressman is fine and the goat is feeling sheepish.”

Don’t Be a Boob

The mystery over whether former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has acquired some new, um, assets appears to be solved.

A source close to the one-time GOP vice presidential candidate tells, that stalwart of investigative political coverage, that rumors suggesting Palin had a breast augmentation are “absolutely ridiculous.”

Chatter over whether Palin had the enhancement surgery spread across the Internets this week after she showed up to the Belmont Stakes horse race on Sunday looking, as Us put it, “considerably curvier.” The gossip website couldn’t reach Palin or her political action committee for comment.

Other important headlines on the website on Friday include “Broke NJ Housewife Teresa Puts Lavish Mansion Up for Sale” and “Snooki, The Situation Dish on Meeting Jen Aniston.”

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