Resolution Opposing Lame-Duck Session Defeated

Posted August 10, 2010 at 12:08pm

The House voted 256-163 Tuesday to dismiss a privileged resolution that would have banned a lame-duck session later this year.

The resolution, authored by Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (Ga.), would have required lawmakers to pledge not to assemble for a post-election lame-duck session except in an emergency.

The measure was ruled ineligible for privileged consideration because it did not ” affect … the rights of the house collectively, its safety, dignity, or the integrity of the proceedings.”

Price argued that the measure was necessary to preserve the rules of the House and prevent Democrats from pushing through major legislation at the last minute — even though several Democratic leaders have said they have no plans to try to move big, contentious legislation in the lame duck.

Democrats “wish to spend more, they wish to tax more, they wish to borrow more, and they wish to harm job creation in a lame duck session and the American people don’t want this,” Price said.

Democrats have called Republican objections to a possible lame-duck session hypocritical and have noted that Republicans have taken advantage of lame-duck sessions in the past, including in 2006 when Democrats won control of the chamber.