Biden Praises Sestak, Contrasts to Other ‘OK’ Democratic Candidates

Posted September 13, 2010 at 10:56pm

Vice President Joseph Biden has nothing but praise for Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak (D) — so much so that he described him as having more character and integrity than any of the “OK” Democrats he has been campaigning for.

Biden was stumping hard for Sestak during a Monday night fundraiser in Philadelphia. Sestak, a current House Member, is locked in a tight race with former GOP Rep. Pat Toomey to fill the seat that Sen. Arlen Specter (D) lost in the primary.

During his remarks, Biden hailed Sestak’s military record — he served in the Navy for 31 years, became a three-star admiral and led the Navy’s anti-terrorism unit — and said it sets him apart from other Democrats on the campaign trail.

“I have campaigned for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of candidates. … Some folks I campaign for were OK, some were great,” Biden said, according to pool reports. “But I can say I have never campaigned for a man with more character, integrity and capacity than the man I am campaigning for here tonight.”

The vice president added that few of the Senators he has known could measure up to the admiral.

Sestak has not always had support from the administration, however. Before his victory over Specter in the Democratic primary in May, the White House asked President Bill Clinton to try to persuade Sestak to abandon the race and to float the possibility of an unpaid administration position, a scenario that Sestak rejected.