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Nevada: Titus Ad Calls Heck, Angle ‘Two Peas in a Pod’

A new ad from Rep. Dina Titus (D) ties her Republican opponent, Joe Heck, to Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle, whom Sen. Harry Reid (D) has been slamming for months in TV ads, calling her “too extreme.”

“Heck and Angle. Two peas in a pod with the same bad ideas,” the announcer says.

The ad claims neither will make jobs “a priority” and that they both want to take money from the Social Security trust fund and eliminate the Department of Education, “putting college loans at risk.”

“Like a rat fleeing a sinking ship, Congresswoman Dina Titus is frantically looking for a way to tear down Joe Heck and save her own job in Washington,” Heck spokeswoman Mari Nakashima said in response to the ad. “This ad, like all of her others, is filled with outright lies because Congresswoman Titus can’t point to a single accomplishment that would earn voter support.”

Nakashima also pointed out that the ad actually misspells Angle’s first name, leaving out the second “R” in Sharron.

The National Republican Congressional Committee dropped an ad on Titus this week, using a casino theme for the Las Vegas-area district. The ad calls Titus a “sure bet for reckless spending.”

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