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Pelosi Bemoans ‘Secret Money From God Knows Where’

Before introducing President Barack Obama at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Minneapolis on Saturday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi bemoaned the massive amount of money that shadowy conservative third-party groups have poured into this year’s election.

“Everything was going great and all of a sudden secret money from God knows where — because they won’t disclose it — is pouring in,” the California Democrat told about 100 donors at the fundraiser, according to a White House pool reporter in attendance.

The fundraiser, held at the 119-year-old Van Dusen Mansion on the National Register of Historic Places, was expected to raise $600,000, Democrats said. Guests dined and VIPs were greeted by Obama in a photo line for the cost of $50,000 per couple.

In recent days Democratic leaders have stepped up their attacks against well-funded conservative groups such as American Crossroads and Americans for Job Security. With all the attention those groups have received from Democratic leaders, it seems likely those groups will be a major source of blame if Democrats do sustain major losses next month.

The Speaker said Democrats “fully intend” to retain control of the House and called the 2010 elections the most important election in recent history.

“How many times have you heard this is the most important election of our time?” Pelosi asked. “Well, every time that’s probably true because the stakes get higher and higher.”

Obama said that Pelosi “will go down in history as one of the finest speakers in the United States of America” but also gave DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen (Md.) credit for shouldering the burden of leading Democratic efforts to retain the House.

“Chris is working like a dog. I want to make sure everybody knows what a good job he’s doing.”

Pelosi hopped a ride back to Washington on Air Force One after the fundraiser. Also attending the fundraiser were top Minnesota Democrats Sen. Al Franken; former Sen. Mark Dayton, who is running for governor; Rep. James Oberstar; Rep. Betty McCollum; Rep. Keith Ellison; Rep. Tim Walz; and Congressional candidates Tarryl Clark (6th district), Shelley Madore (2nd district) and Jim Meffert (3rd district).

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